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International shipping

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Errebisped can offer the customer an integrated system for the global management and transport of ship parts (SHIP SPARES LOGISTICS); furthermore, Errebisped collects and manages your material from Italian and foreign suppliers and, if required, consolidates your goods at several collection points that they manage, to then proceed with their shipment.

The handling and storage operations are meticulously checked by personnel trained for this purpose. Upon receipt, the material is inspected for any damage that might have arisen from the transport and the customer will be informed immediately.
Import-export customs assistance and ship-boarding operations are handled directly by Errebisped personnel.

Furthermore, Errebisped is able to offer the customer complete and highly professional assistance for the transport of oversized and overweight cargo that cannot be transported using conventional methods.

Errebisped can therefore provide you with support 7 days a week, the loading of the cargo on board the vessel is carried out by its own personnel and the grouping of spare parts and/or goods for multiple and/or single forwarding. Furthermore, Errebisped offers the customer complete and highly professional support for the following domestic and international shipments:


Shipments by sea


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