Our Company.


Since 1992, Errebisped, founded by Giorgio Bargellini and Gio Batta Rimassa, has had a presence both in the port area, with its operational headquarters in Via Pionieri e Aviatori d’Italia.
Today Errebisped can organise international sea, land and air transport for all types of goods to and from all over the world. It provides companies and operators in the sector with a package of integrated services:
  • Customs services and consultancy.
  • Port and quay services.
  • Dedicated logistics and transport.
  • IATA Agency.
  • FIATA Agent.
Errebisped provides its customers with a high level of service and a quick and flexible response to their requirements. The Company is fully committed to every order being executed in all its phases until the service has been completed, in order to ensure the service is reliable and secure, and is in line with customer requirements and expectations.